Comprehensive Visualization of Future Paths of Technological Innovations

Data visualization tools and applications seem grow more intricate and original, and indeed more artistically bold and engaging, each day. Today, 4/8/14, is no exception as demonstrated in an new article posted on entitled Science More: Health Future Science These Beautiful Charts Show The Coming Technologies That Will Change The World by Gus Lubin. He reports about a group of several private and Canadian governmental groups who have jointly produced a rather astonishing grahpics presentation predicting the development timelines on six major areas of technology. All of these are zoomable online for more detailed viewing. There is a single graphic that combines all six areas. Each of these six sectors are also individualls downloadable in PDF. They include:

  • Agricultural and Natural Manufacturing Technologies
  • Data and Communications Technologies
  • Energy Technologies
  • Health Technologies
  • Nantotechnology and Materials Science
  • Neurotechnology and Cognitive Technologies

Each of these sectors is broken down into subsections for specific developments and then each is expressed in a predictive timeline spanning the next 15 years.

While no one can accurately predict the future development paths of these sectors and the arrival dates of their presently percolating deliverables, these graphics are nonetheless a highly ambitious and original representations of what might occur. I highly recommend a click through and examination of these visualizations to appreciate the magnitude of this undertaking. Moreover, viewers might also see a challenge and find the inspiration to perhaps start or add something new that may one day appear in an update of this chart in, well, the future.

After spending some time exploring these graphics, I was reminded of the well known quote from the renowned computer scientist, Alan Kay, who once very famously said “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”


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