Another POV on the Power of the Network Effect

The propulsive power, structural operations and connective benefits of the Network Effect have been identified and studied in many fields of science, technology, the Web, telecom, transportation, biology, neuroscience and many others. Indeed, the Network Effect is writ large across nearly every aspect of the Web’s endless reach.

In an insightful post on on July 16, 2014, entitled Connection Brings Opportunity at Exponential Scale the author, Brian Vellmure, found his inspiration for this piece during a recent trip where he suddenly lost all connectivity. He then uses this to write about his perceptions of the multiplier effect the web has on creativity, science and industry by virtue of its potential for boundless numbers of connections to others out there in c-space. In effect, more connections equate to more value added with each additional user and node. He ends by posing the questions of how readers can use this to “evolve your organization to thrive in this new environment?”. I recommend a click-through and read of this worthwhile new take on this ubiquitous phenomenon.

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