ILTA’s New Multi-dimensional Report on the Future of Legal Information Technology

The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) recently published a remarkably comprehensive 141-page report on the multitude of forces affecting major changes in the global marketplace for legal services entitled Legal Technology Future Horizons. (A six-page Leader’s Digest of it is also available.) I cannot recommend this highly enough for anyone involved in the field of legal technology. The breadth of its scope in its coverage, predictions and actionable information shows how deeply everyone involved in producing this deeply cared about getting everything in both its form and substance just right. Bravo, ILTA!

At a time when the legal industry is facing such daunting challenges and disruptions driven by a myriad of rapidly changing law office technologies, ever-increasing competition, completely new economic challenges following the recent recession, clients demanding more value and accountability for services rendered, and declining numbers of students enrolling in law schools, this report makes a very valiant and successful attempt to examine every technology-related aspect of the legal business. The intended audience is for law firm IT decision-makers, but their staff members as well as other consultants, vendors and innovators in legal IT will benefit by spending the time to read this report in whole or in part. Yes, it’s indeed that worthwhile as these pages clearly and concisely map out how legal IT can and will lead the way in this new environment.

While predicting the future is always difficult and rarely entirely accurate, this report makes as genuine and convincing effort. Indeed, this download in its entirety report is an extraordinary value proposition requiring only an investment of time to read it. Miss it not.