Dogs and Water Together That Somehow Inspiring Creativity

What is it about the imagery of dogs and water that seems to inspire such diverse and highly creative ventures?

I recently saw Reservoir Dogs again on cable. This was one of Quentin Tarantino’s earlier films and a masterfully executed crime cinema classic. Highly recommended if you have never seen it before. (Nonetheless, be forewarned because it also contained some scenes of extreme violence.)

For an entirely different take on dogs and water containing scenes of extreme cuteness is a book entitled Underwater Dogs by Seth Cassel. His photography of dogs playing underwater, the subjects of his book, and his upcoming underwater photography projects were the subjects of an August 1, 2014 article on (Mather Nature Network) entitled Jump in the Pool (and Giggle Uncontrollably) with ‘Underwater Dogs’. I dare you, I double dog dare you* not to burst out laughing when you see some of Cassel’s photos in this story. The article also contains links to Cassel’s Instagram and Facebook pages which I also recommend clicking through to for more of his work.


*  This very scary threat was popularized in another film classic, Jean Shepherd’s Christmas Story when Flick was being challenged to do something quite cold and dangerous on his way to the Warren G. Harding School. In keeping right along with this post’s canine-inspired creativity, the film also contained a stealth attack by the Bumpus hounds living right next door as they stole the Ralphie’s family’s holiday turkey right off the kitchen table!



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