Flashpoint Presents Its “Demo Day” in New York on April 16, 2015


“Fishbowl Jump”, Image by Kay Kim

Flashpoint is a startup accelerator at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. Using a well-defined program, they apply engineering-based methods to nurture new and scalable companies with the intention of addressing unmet demands in the marketplace.

I had the great pleasure of attending their Demo Day presentation in New York, yesterday on April 16, 2015, at the outstanding SUNY Global Center. It was indeed inspiring to see such smart and creative new companies providing innovative products and services. A metric ton of thanks to everyone involved in this special event.

This was part of a series of Flashpoint Demo Days currently touring a number of cities across the US. They are showcasing eight of their current startups, each of whom is seeking additional funding from investors. At this event, one representative from each gave a concise five-to-ten minute speech to the audience about the particulars of their ventures.

The proceeding began with a talk by Professor Merrick Furst of the Georgia Tech College of Computing. He gave a compelling explanation of Flashpoint’s guiding principles, methodologies and results. Among other things, he shared his perspectives about starting up a new firm, including two imperative elements: “Authentic demand” needed in the market and “authentic innovation” provided by startups to meet it. I believe that the audience, many of whom are involved in startup financing, learned much from him.

Next, in the order that they appeared, one speaker for each of the following Flashpoint startups addressed the audience:

  • GalliumGroup (and on @datawhipper):   A data-driven service to assist in warranty analysis, claims efficiency and payment optimization for heavy equipment manufacturers in construction, transportation and farming.
  • DecisionIQ (and on @DecisionIQ):  A data management, analytics and decision-support firm whose software platform spots potential equipment failure well in advance of its occurrence in the health, energy and transportation industries. The application presented was for industrial turbine engines.
  • Generation DyNAmics (@generationDNA): A firm working on creating an environment where everyone (ideally 90%), in a specific geographical area receives genomic screening in order to halt the spread of preventable genetic diseases.
  • Visit:  A firm establishing a platform to enable customers to meet with actual creators of limited edition handmade goods such as food and clothing. For example, a small producer of gin attached labels to his bottles encouraging his buyers to meet with him for a tasting.
  • Acivilate (and on @acivilate): A firm seeking to change the management and coordination of the delivery of public and social services. For example, parolees need help with their documents, housing and employment. Acivilate prepares a master case file for these purposes which is owned by the client.
  • Vault (and on @VaultStemCell): A firm that provides “a medical concierge service” to gather and store a client’s own stem cells if and when they might be needed for regular medical procedures or else in the future to treat illnesses. An example of a target market is professional and amateur athletes.
  • GetLawyer (and on @getlawyer):  A firm aiming to assist in “clearing the legal markets” by using its software to match and deliver clemency eligibility cases to the appropriate attorneys in order to provide support for such filings for  prisoners (often first-timers), being held non-violent charges.
  • Florence Healthcare (and on @FlorenceHCare): A firm providing a data management software solution (including  collection, processing and sharing), for clinical trials of pharmaceuticals under development.

All of the presenters greatly impressed me with their visions, passions and sincerity for the objectives and potentials of their startups. I highly recommend clicking through on the above links to view at the full details of their endeavors.

Bravo! and the very  best of good luck and good fortune to all of them as they move forward.

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