The Need for Specialized Application Programming Interfaces for Human Genomics R&D Initiatives

The term of art for the onscreen workspaces containing the sophisticated tools used by software developers and engineers is called the application programming interface (API).ยน It is where code is written, assembled, tested and revised. Scientists working on various aspects of the human genome have recently expressed a comparable need for the development of specialized […]

Single File, Everyone: The Advent of the Universal Digital Profile

Throughout grades 1 through 6 at Public School 79 in Queens, New York, the teachers had one universal command they relied upon to try to quickly gather and organize the students in each class during various activities. They would announce “Single file, everyone”, and expect us all to form a straight line with one student […]

New Startup’s Legal Research App is Driven by Watson’s AI Technology

May 9, 2016: An update on this post appears below. Casey Stengel had a very long, productive and colorful career in professional baseball as a player for five teams and later as a manager for four teams. He was also consistently quotable (although not to the extraordinary extent of his Yankee teammate Yogi Berra). Among […]

Prints Charming: A New App Combines Music With 3D Printing

What does a song actually look like in 3D? Everyone knows that music has always been evocative of all kinds of people, memories, emotions and sensations. In a Subway Fold post back on November 30, 2014, we first looked at Music Visualizations and Visualizations About Music. But can a representation of a tune now be […]

IBM’s Watson is Now Data Mining TED Talks to Extract New Forms of Knowledge

Who really benefited from the California Gold Rush of 1849? Was it the miners, only some of whom were successfully, or the merchants who sold them their equipment? Historians have differed as to the relative degree, but they largely believe it was the merchants. Today, it seems we have somewhat of a modern analog to […]

Hacking Matter Really Matters: A New Programmable Material Has Been Developed

The sales receipt from The Strand Bookstore in New York is dated April 5, 2003. It still remains tucked into one of the most brain-bendingly different books I have ever bought and read called Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms (Basic Books, 2003), by Wil McCarthy. It was […]