Newspapers were never really meant to be read sequentially from front to back. Rather, they have always been fully random access in the truest sense, enabling readers to scan through and read articles in the any order that they please.

I remain one of the dwindling number of readers who still prefer paper-based multi-section dailies. While riding on a crowded subway in New York City, doing this still poses a bit of an urban engineering challenge for the reader: Maintaining full access to all of the pages in all of the sections within an often very limited space. This problem was solved many years ago with a simple but effective maneuver called the “subway fold” that simply involves making a crisp and complete vertical fold and then a horizontal fold across the entire paper.

The surface area of the newsprint is instantly shrunk to a much more manageable quarter of its size and then – – here’s where the art comes in – – the pages can be readily manipulated within these creases with a series of folds done without affecting your fellow commuters. It’s very simple and effective.

Hence the name The Subway Fold as a metaphor for my objectives with this weblog. It is my attempt to gather, summarize, add context, annotate, question and comment upon news, trends, resources and their connections across a range of topics including information technology, science, law, business, the arts and media.

Fortunately, no actual folding, crowding or ink smudges are involved in the creation of this blog.

You feedback about any or all of this is always welcome either in the comments section or to me by

  • Email:  alanrothman “at” yahoo “dot” com
  • Twitter:  @SubwayFold

Thank you and please enjoy folding and unfolding the 200+ posts in The Subway Fold.

Alan J. Rothman


I am an attorney and an MBA who specialized in knowledge management, project management, content strategy and business development in the legal profession. I have worked for three large law firms, a non-profit legal industry association, and a legal technology startup, all in my hometown of New York City.

I am currently launching a new startup called Senior Citizen Planner, LLC, to provide information management services that I developed during my career – – on a scaled down and reformatted basis – – to individual Baby Boomers, retirees and senior citizens. This idea was inspired by my experience in doing data management and research within my own family. Please visit the new site at seniorcitizenplanner.com .

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