Extensive Online Collection of Visualizations of Complex Networks

Following up on my earlier post about a tool to visualize your LinkedIn network, I recently came across VisualComplexity.com, a site devoted to being a resource for visualizing a wide range of complex networks. There are 777 viewable examples of networks in areas including, among others, social, biology, business, computers, music, knowledge and the web itself. Clicking through on any of the thumbnails across this site will take you to a dedicated page describing the visualization and its operation, the author, institute, year of its creation, and a direct link to its actual location. (Even in those instances where the links no longer work, there is still much to be learned on their descriptive page and screen captures.)

I found this resource to be remarkable resource and well worth the time spent here because it:

* Boldly displays the power of using visualization to understand the structure, dynamics and power of networks.
* Provides inspiration to explore these examples for their educational and analytical values.
* Displays the critical importance of carefully designing the structure of the manner in which data are being transformed into a display.
* Motivates visitors to consider the possibilities of applying visualization to their own professional projects.

As well, in a clear case of the merger of art and science, many of these of these visualizations are, imho, often quite aesthetically pleasing images that likewise stand on their own as works of art.